Insert Image into Github readme

Following syntax

![Title to be displayed](source of image, URL for image)

!: is for embedded  page of readme

Setup presentation library with bower

I have set up following libraries.

  • spring 3.2.4(jackson-1.9.13 for json resolver)
  • polymer
  • bower


Working on Google App Engine with Spring

I am not quiet sure that Google App Engine supports 'spring framework' well, yet.

I tried to generate google-app-engine project with mvn then import this project into eclipse in order to code in easy way. But it doesn't run......

Where can I start it?
Shall i just follow developer.google.com tutorial, mvn cli?

I believe using ide like eclipse is better choice for developer specially kind of me.
Any way  I will find a way more convenient approach.


Start Up for SNS Collaboration project

Finally I've started up my own project.

I am going to use Google App Engine and, Github as environment.

I choose polymer for UI and java as backend system under Google App engine.

This project will step through followings

1. Setup Google App engine & Github project
2. Initialize Google App with Polymer and Java(Spring)
3. Prepare for unit test covering UI and backend component
4. Prototype SNS Collaboration System
5. Getting on development.